Casa Feliz

Casa Feliz


Vinit Rajpal


Jagatpura, Jaipur

Area of Site


Area of Construction

8801.69 Sq. ft.


March’2020 - Ongoing

Located just 5 mins from RTO Jhalana, Jagatpura.  The site strategically placed into the greenfields away from city busy life yet part of urban fabric.

Design is distinctive, reflective that is just as functional as it is attractive. 

Stones as a design element, ingrained in the design with the solid plain colour. Also, with every changing view, multiple outdoor spaces, this weekend retreat revitalise the soul.

The efficiency of the spaces exerts a visual attraction with external views which are the focal points of every room. The design is vernacular and gives the traditional touch.

Designed with the vernacular, clean and solemn architectural language.

The project codifies huge rooms, generous indoor heights and large openings in order to gain the natural light inside and cross ventilation, allowing the house to be enlightened, ventilated and fresh. The zestfulness was delivered by stone in the facade, efficiently worked out in pure fine lines adding colour and vibrancy to the house.


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