Changes to Expect in Home Design in COVID-19

Changes to Expect in Home Design in COVID-19

Since mankind hit by the pandemic of covid-19, across the globe everyone trying to stay at home more than ever. Now people view has changed looking at homes. People want to spend their time at home for schooling, leisure, meals, and office work.  At the same time, it becomes important for all of us our homes to be beautiful as well as healthy spaces for living in.

There are few things to consider for future interior designing. if you’re undergoing for renovation process or planning for renovation after Covid. Let’s have a look at them. 

Things to Consider for Future Interior Designing-

  1. Planning Home Entrance

Planning a beautiful home entrance, expected to be replaced by the disinfection zone. so that you can keep your home healthy and safe. Still, you can place a beautiful mirror or painting at the entrance of your home. But a sanitization space before the home entrance will be part of several home designs.

  1. Designs that cheer you up

Spending hours on the same day every single day makes an adverse impact on how you feel. As you’re bound with home confinement. That is why your surroundings must be enhancing & brightening up the mood. By adding textures, smells & shapes to your rooms, colours bring you a positive vibe.

  • Versatile Rooms

Irrespective of the size of the home it can be a great idea to combine your living room with the kitchen and dining space. This will make the space more functional and useful for various activities. Try to make every space of your home multipurpose so that you can study, work, exercise and spend leisure time in any area of your home.

  • Blending Outdoors With Indoors

Today, its very common since the past few years that people bring greenery to their homes.  with people spending most of the time indoors, it is important to have a dash of greenery indoors or the balcony. It can have a calming effect and a positive effect on your surroundings and not to forget you get to breathe fresh air and keep your home cool during the hotter climate.

  • An Office at Home

Due to Covid nowadays the majority of the homes have a full time dedicated working space. Shortly people will prefer a home as a full-time workspace, without getting disturbed. Because it’s not a luxury. It’s a need so that you can peacefully do your work. 

  • Sustainable Lifestyle

Choosing the right design and practical solutions for your home can reduce your energy consumption, which directly lowers your electricity bills. Smaller changes you can make such as better insulation, solar panel, right light bulbs can help in cutting down the electricity bill.

Final Verdict:

If you are also about to execute the new designs for your home after the pandemic gets over, you can connect with us -hivedesignstudio a replied & highly experienced interior design company with an efficient team that can transform your dreams into reality.


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